Olive Branch Chew - Medium (Bag of 2)

Olive Branch Chew – Medium (Bag of 2)

£15.99 or £15.19 / month

  • SAFE & LONG LASTING CHEW – Made from 100% shatterproof olive tree wood. The soft fibres of the olive branch mean that the chew won’t splinter, and does not pose a danger if digested. These are a long lasting chew, and so provide great value for money.
  • 100% NATURAL DOG CHEW & PRESERVATIVE / GLUTEN FREE – No additives or junk in this chew, with added virgin olive oil soaked into the branch which can help to keep your dog healthy.
  • SUSTAINABLE & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – The chews are made from renewable olive wood and comes without chemicals and artificial additives.
  • HELPS TO KEEP YOUR DOGS TEETH CLEAN – Chewing this type of treat helps in the fight against plaque & tartar.
  • YOUR PURCHASE HELPS SUPPORT FOUR PAWS ANIMAL RESCUE – We donate 10% of our profits to this excellent dog rescue charity !
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Product Description – Our olive branch chews are sourced in Spain to meet our high standards. The wood is, dried, cut and polished to remove any risks to your dog. Finally, the chews are soaked in virgin olive oil to add extra goodness. Olive branch chews are an excellent alternative to bones and antler. They are long lasting; ethically produced from sustainable sources, and do not present a splinter risk. Chewing this type of treat is great for your dog’s teeth. This is a natural product; shape, colour and size will vary.

Benefits – A long lasting chew which is free from additives & preservatives; low in fat; a clean, low odour and hypoallergenic chew; they act as a natural toothbrush; a natural & sustainable product; every purchase supports a donation to Four Paws Animal Rescue.

Composition – Olive wood; olive oil.

Quantity & Weight – Pack of 2 is approximately 300g in weight. Package dimensions 20.6 x 15.3 x 3 cm.


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